Canadian researcher joins Foods of Norway’s important work on novel fish feeds

Jamie’s main task in Foods of Norway will be to evaluate the effects of novel feed ingredients in diets for Atlantic salmon, contributing with her expertise in fish nutrition and toxicology. One of her responsibilities will be to gather results from the center’s large field experiment with salmon fed diets based on yeast produced from sugars from spruce trees. Jamie will also be responsible for new experiments on novel feeds for salmon, where growth performance and health and welfare assessment will be important.

Jamie has a PhD in fish nutrition and toxicology from the University of Guelph in Canada. During her PhD studies, she was working on how mycotoxins in cereals affect growth performance and health of rainbow trout and tilapia. She has also worked in Canadian aquaculture before coming to Norway as a research scientist.

Exciting research

She acknowledges how Foods of Norway brings together scientists from around the world.

“The center is world-renowned in research and innovation, and it brings together people with different skills,” Jamie says, and explains how she enjoys working in a large and well-organized research team.

Jamie will also contribute to the Foods of Norway spin-off projects Resilient Salmon, working with nutritional programming and trained immunity, and Oil4Feed, working with developing microbial ingredients from various waste streams.

“The overall goals of this work are motivating. Working towards sustainable aquaculture production is incredibly important for food security,” she says.

Published 5. July 2022 - 10:18 - Updated 5. July 2022 - 10:18