Foods of Norway at ISFNF2022 in Sorrento

11 of the centre’s scientists participated in the event, and the feedback on the centre’s presentations was very positive. Foods of Norway PhD Jeleel Opeyemi Agboola was even awarded one of the best oral presentations for young scientists at the conference.

An unexpected and highly appreciated acknowledgement came from the director of Aqua Global Management at DSM, Louise Buttle, who gave praise to Foods of Norway in her presentation as keynote speaker at the conference. Buttle said that «Foods of Norway was a very good example of research supporting development of novel protein sources to ensure sustainability of the industry”.

DSM is a global company specializing in delivering science-based solutions to further drive sustainable aquaculture.

The ISFNF conference is an opportunity to discuss and debate the issues the fish nutrition and feeding sector are facing and to develop innovative and novel ways to overcome them. The conference aims to further the development within nutrition and feeding, and to stimulate innovation in the world’s growing aquaculture industries.

Jeleel Opeyemi Agboola received an award for his presentation at ISFNF2022 in Sorrento. Here with centre leader, professor Margareth Øverland
Foods of Norway

Published 15. June 2022 - 10:21 - Updated 15. June 2022 - 10:24