Lallemand, world leader in yeast fermentation, joins Foods of Norway

“While we have been connected to this research consortium since the start of the project, Lallemand Animal Nutrition is proud to officially join Food of Norway,” said Mathieu Castex, Research and Development Director of Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

Upscaling yeast production and commercialization

Continued research and development in production of microbial ingredients can make an important contribution to securing the sustainability of the agricultural and aquacultural industry. Advances in the microbial protein technology have been driven by large industrial companies in close collaboration with universities and research institutes.

Margareth Øverland, Center Director of Foods of Norway, said: “With Lallemand as a partner, with their strong expertise in fermentation technology and access to large-scale infrastructure, this will be an important step in taking the technology of Foods of Norway further. When the technology is proven profitable and demand from the feed market exists, the industry partners in Foods of Norway can easily scale up to commercial production.”

New ingredients, new technology

Foods of Norway is working to develop microbial ingredients such as yeast from blue and green biomass by using new technology, and to determine how these affect growth, physiology, health and product quality of Atlantic salmon and traditional livestock animals.

Microbial products, particularly yeast, are potential sustainable ingredients in aquafeeds and feeds for terrestrial animals due to the ability to convert low-value non-food biomass from forestry and agricultural industry into high-value feed with limited dependence on arable land, water and changing climatic conditions.

Good partners

Castex of Lallemand explains “Our respective research interest in alternative functional protein sources and yeast is an obvious connection. We have followed the progress of Foods of Norway since the start of the program and we have contributed by producing, for this project, industrial-scale volumes of our Cyberlindnera jadinii strain fermented with sugars obtained from lignocellulosic biomass of Norway spruce trees (Picea abies).




“We hope our input, combined with existing and new members, will help achieve the consortium objective: to turn Norwegian natural resources into valuable alternative proteins and dietary bioactives for the Norwegian feed industry.”

About Foods of Norway

Foods of Norway, a center for research-based innovation at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, aims to increase value creation in the Norwegian aquaculture, meat and dairy industries by developing novel feed ingredients from natural bioresources and by improving feed utilization through industrial exploitation of cutting-edge research on processing and (bio)technology, nutrition, health, genetics and food quality.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is committed to optimizing animal performance and well-being with specific natural microbial product and service solutions. Using sound science, proven results and knowledge, Lallemand Animal Nutrition develops, produces and markets high value yeast and bacteria products ─ including probiotics, forage inoculants and yeast derivatives. These innovative solutions positively benefit animal nutrition and well-being, forage management and animal environment. Lallemand offers a higher level of expertise, leadership and industry commitment with long-term and profitable solutions to move our partners Forward.  Lallemand Animal Nutrition is Specific for your Success.

Published 28. October 2019 - 10:01 - Updated 28. October 2019 - 13:46