New partner in Foods of Norway: – A frontrunner in sustainability

As a Centre for Research-based Innovation (CRI), close collaboration with industry is crucial to Foods of Norway. Our most recent partner, BioMar, is a leading supplier of high-performance feed to the global aquaculture industry.

– Having BioMar on board will provide a nice balance between the blue and green sectors and will help us reach our goal on sustainable feed resources. This is great news, says Centre leader in Foods of Norway, Professor Margareth Øverland.

Feed to 80 countries

BioMar operates 14 feed factories in Norway and across the globe. Worldwide, the company supplies feed to around 80 countries and for more than 45 different fish species. Roughly, one out of five farmed fish produced in Europe, South and Central America is fed with BioMar feed.

In particular, our new partner will contribute to the Centre with its expertise in sustainability assessment of feed resources, fish feed formulation and feed production.

– BioMar will perform large-scale trials to evaluate how the novel feeds developed by Foods of Norway affect growth performance, health and robustness of Atlantic salmon in seawater, says Øverland.

– A frontrunner in sustainability

Economic and environmental sustainability of feed and food production is at the very core of Foods of Norway´s research on novel feeds and improved feed utilization. BioMar was founded by a group of Danish farmers in 1962 and has been committed to the development of a responsible and sustainable aquaculture industry since the very beginning.

– BioMar is a frontrunner in sustainability and has the most advanced tools to perform comparative environmental impact assessment of different raw materials and technologies. We think our strong team within sustainability can add a lot of value to the consortium, says Marie Hillestad, Department Manager for Nutrition Requirement in BioMar´s global R&D.

BioMar supplies fishfeed to around 80 countries and is committed to the development of a sustainable aquaculture industry.

BioMar supplies fishfeed to around 80 countries and is committed to the development of a sustainable aquaculture industry.


Towards commercialization

In return, Foods of Norway will provide BioMar with infrastructure of expertise, research facilities and novel methods related to the development of novel feed ingredients.
- If they are produced to the right specifications and standards, we can use the novel feed ingredients developed by Foods of Norway to make even better and more cost-efficient feeds. This could have an immediate positive impact on the aquaculture feed sector, says Hillestad.

Foods of Norway now comprises 19 partners in industry and innovation, representing forestry, aquaculture and agriculture.

Collaboration with the industry enables Foods of Norway to be responsive to new research ideas and inventions. It also facilitates knowledge transfer to industry and the commercialization of the centre’s inventions.

– By combining the excellent work already done by Foods of Norway with BioMar’s expertise in consumer markets, sustainability, and feed quality, we will build a platform for future commercialization of these novel ingredients, concludes Hillestad.

BioMar´s factory at Karmøy, Norway.

BioMar´s factory at Karmøy, Norway.

Biomar Norway

Published 6. June 2019 - 14:00 - Updated 6. June 2019 - 14:09