– We wish to be part of a Norwegian protein industry

Denofa will contribute to the Centre’s development of sustainable feed ingredients from local bioresources such as trees and macroalgae.

– We are extremely pleased to be able to welcome Denofa on to our team, especially in light of of their expertise in the production of feed ingredients. Denofa will be an excellent supplement to Foods of Norway’s work on more sustainable food production in Norway, says Centre Director Margareth Øverland.

Bjørn Rask Thomsen, CEO of Denofa AS, the leading importer and processor of soy for animal feed in Norway.

Bjørn Rask Thomsen, CEO of Denofa AS, the leading importer and processor of soy for animal feed in Norway.


Producing feed and food since 1912

Denofa has produced proteins and oils for the feed and food industry in Scandinavia and Europe since 1912, from whale and fish oil to processing of sustainable soybeans today.

Annually about 400,000 tons imported soybeans from Brazil and North America run through their factory in Fredrikstad. These beans are processed into soy bean meal, soybean oil and soy lechitin.

– We wish to be a part of the development of a new, Norwegian protein industry. Norway is well placed to develop protein-rich feed for farm animals and fish on a commercial scale, based on Norwegian bioresources from land and ocean, says the CEO of Denofa, Bjørn Rask Thomsen.

Decisive for commercial production

As with all partners in Foods of Norway, Denofa will contribute financially and participate in the Centre’s research & development activities. In particular, Denofa possesses valuable knowledge related to feed processing and sustainability guidelines.

– We see this as an important part of our innovation process and a natural continuation of our environmental focus from our work with the import of GMO-free soy and traceability system to preserve the rainforest, says Thomsen.

In order to acchieve our goals to develop novel feed ingredients based on Norwegian bioresources, Foods of Norway needs to collaborate with major, prominent companies like Denofa.

– Denofa is the first and only supplier of feed ingredients in the consortium. A partnership with them will give us the impetus to reach a commercial production of these novel feed ingredients, Centre Director Øverland states. 

Published 28. August 2018 - 9:00 - Updated 29. August 2018 - 10:43