Hooked on fish health (and a healthy planet)

In a series of short interviews we introduce the people who are involved in our Centre for Research-based Innovation, Foods of Norway.

Researcher and Agricultural Engineer Brankica Djordjevic started her education path at the Belgrade University in Serbia. She has a PhD in Animal Nutrition (Stress Physiology) from The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

What do you do in Foods of Norway?

During my PhD studies my focus was on fish welfare and novel feed ingredients for salmonids.

In Foods of Norway I am mostly responsible for planning and running fish experiments as well as communicating with external partners that are involved in our work.

My tasks involve testing and evaluating novel ingredients on growth performance and fish health. I also analyse data and communicate our findings by publishing in scientific journals or through other channels.

What do you like about your work in Foods of Norway?

It is a dynamic and rewarding working environment. I am part of a group that is trying to address the challenges in growing agriculture and aquaculture by finding sustainable and renewable feed ingredients.

The overall goals are motivating. Moreover, working with friendly colleagues from all over the world is enriching in every sense.

What do you want to accomplish in Foods of Norway?

I would like to employ new tools and technologies supporting the expansion of sustainable agri- and aquacultural practices. In a broader perspective my job is about increasing food security, improving conditions for our farm animals and hereby contributing to the best solution for our planet.

Published 2. August 2018 - 13:56 - Updated 3. September 2018 - 16:32