Milena the multitasker

What is your area of responsibility in Foods of Norway?

- My area of responsibility in Foods of Norway are analysis, planning, and communication with the people in the group, since I’m involved in several of Foods of Norway's work packages. Every day consists of a different mix of these functions.

What do you like with your work?

 - I love the work I do, it's just good fun. On a professional level, this job is quite interesting because it requires constant learning. There's always something new to do, and to learn new techniques to achieve the best results. I get to work with a lot of very interesting, smart, intelligent and competent people.

What would you like to accomplish?

- I would like to be efficient, productive in order to get things planned and done on time, within the budget.​

Foods of Norway aims to feed fish and farm animals using amazing new ingredients, such as trees and macroalgae. To achieve this vision, many researchers, technical and administrative staff are involved.  Meet the whole team!

Published 6. April 2018 - 13:32 - Updated 3. September 2018 - 16:33