Great interest in Foods of Norway

Øverland was one of the speakers at Feed Protein Vision 2018, an international conference arranged by Feed Navigator on 6-7 March in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

- Many of the participants gave very good feedback to the presentation and several industrial partners as well as academic partners now want to collaborate with us. In fact, even a week after the conference, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Also, international participants want to come to Foods of Norway, NMBU for a follow-up meeting, says Øverland.

19 countries present

The conference in Amsterdam was the first face to face conference arranged by Feed Navigator, who regularly run online events. It attracted 114 attendees from 19 different countries.

Food Protein Vision was considered a great success by the host organization, which has also shown considerable interest in Foods of Norway. An article and a video-interview with Øverland was recently published online.

In her presentation at the conference, Øverland stressed that the search for alternative protein sources for animal feeds has reached a critical point due to population growth and climate change.

- Very useful

She also walked the audience through the achievements attained by Foods of Norway since the center was established in 2015, developing new high quality, sustainable and viable feed resources based on advanced biotechnology.

- The conference was very useful in that it gave a good overview of the feed protein situation in Europe and the strategies to solve this problem, where microbial ingredients such as yeast are receiving increasing interest. Regulatory aspects of novel protein feedstuffs were also discussed which is also relevant for Foods of Norway, says Foods of Norway-director Øverland.

Published 20. March 2018 - 15:23 - Updated 20. March 2018 - 15:25