Newsletter from Foods of Norway - December 2021

One of the main highlights this year was the successful industrial scale-up of 1,600 kg of yeast produced from sugars from Norwegian spruce trees. This was a joint effort by partners Lallemand Animal Nutrition, Borregaard and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). This yeast is now being tested as a protein source in large-scale feeding trials with both Atlantic salmon and pigs. Partners Biomar, Felleskjøpet Fôrutvikling and NMBU have worked closely to develop the feeds and in designing and running the trials.

Read more about the ongoing feeding trial in Sandnessjøen, where 800 salmon are growing on the novel feed, and about the pigs at Vormsund that are showing promising growth performance after eating the feed in the period after weaning (on

Another highly anticipated project this year has been working with Nortura on seaweed in full rations in feed for cattle with the aim of studying the quality of the meat. The centre is also continuously building expertise in seaweed processing. We have established methods for using the entire biomass, and we are currently assessing different components extracted from the seaweed in trials with Atlantic salmon and broiler chickens. For instance, in the chicken trial, we will investigate how fucoidan, a bioactive component found in seaweed, can affect the growth performance and health of the chicks.

Foods of Norway is gaining considerable recognition as a valuable knowledge provider in the public debate. In August, the Norwegian non-profit environmental organisation Bellona asked the centre to participate in their report “Råvareløftet”, which aims to shed light on a wide selection of candidates for new, alternative feed ingredients.
After six years, there is no doubt that the centre’s research findings and accomplishments are steadily increasing in number. In December, no fewer than three PhD candidates connected to Foods of Norway successfully defended their doctoral theses on topics ranging from insects grown on organic leftovers in fish feed; whether fish health is related to fish behaviour; to how feeding pigs with yeast can promote healthy gut bacteria.

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Published 17. December 2021 - 10:00 - Updated 17. December 2021 - 10:01