Newsletter from Foods of Norway - December 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic aside, we have fortunately been able to go forward with our trials and other scientific ventures, despite some delays due to the lockdown in Norway in spring. Most importantly, we have been able to continue the ground-breaking work in our fields of expertise, and I want to thank all of those involved in the centre for making this happen.

Several trials with yeast in feed have been carried out during 2020, including trials with piglets, cows and salmon. There are a lot of logistics involved when starting up a trial, and you can read more about the day we began one of our salmon trials in the article below.

Trials with yeast in pig feed showed good results, and the feed had a positive effect on the intestinal health of the pigs. We have also cooperated with the FeedMileage project, looking into the effects of feeding local rape seed to pigs. The centre has developed and upscaled methods for biorefining seaweed, including extracting bioactive substances with beneficial health effects. Experiments have also been carried out with sugar kelp in total mixed rations for lambs during the last five weeks before slaughter, with a positive effect on the nutritional value and product quality of the meat.

Read more about some of our achievements in this newsletter. The coming year will also present some challenges for us in Foods of Norway, but I know we will be able to meet them head-on and continue our good work.

Read the full newsletter here.

Published 29. June 2021 - 12:51 - Updated 29. June 2021 - 13:03