This cheese can be made from trees

This cheese can be made from trees

In the future, we can make milk and ice cream from Norwegian spruce.

NRK presents Foods of Norway

Norway's national broadcast, NRK, presents how Foods of Norway works to find alternative sources of protein by developing sustainable feed ingredients from natural bioresources.

Foods of Norway at Aftenposten annual climate conference

Foods of Norway researcher Jon Øvrum Hansen presented how macroalgae can be converted to novel, high quality feed resources.

Bioeconomy enters the pig pen

This video demonstrates how researchers at NMBU are testing new types of pig feed  to reduce the carbon footprint  and improve food security. The aim is to investigate if some pigs have genes that enable them to thrive on a more Norwegian-inspired diet with ingredients such as spruce trees and algae.

Bioøkonomien inntar grisebingen

Norge har rik tilgang på biomasse, som trær, tang og tare og gras. Se hvordan NMBUs-forskere leter etter de grisene som er godt egnet til å foredle lokale fôrressurser.