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Farmed salmon can grow on Norwegian spruce trees instead of Brazilian soybeans (17.01.2023


Agboola Jeleel Opeyemi crowned winner of Nutreco’s Young Researchers’ Prize 2022  (12.10.2022

Levaduras en dietas: ¿cuáles serían sus efectos concretos en salmones? (Yeasts in diets: what would be their specific effects on salmon?)


Less Processed BSF Larvae Perform Well in Salmon Diet Trial

Norway launches expriment on feeding pigs and salmon

In Norway pigs and salmons will start feeding with an experimental forage from fir-trees

Growing yeast for feed from Norwegian spruce trees

Growing yeast from trees – first successful scale-up of microbial feed ingredients from sustainable resources

Foods of Norway hits milestone in alternative feed ingredient production

Foods of Norway: Growing yeast from trees for potential use in pig feed

Growing yeast to animal feed from trees

Spruce-based yeast protein to be trialled on salmon

Foods of Norway achieves large-scale production of yeast from trees

Tree biomass feed technology makes a comeback

Startup ligada a compañía de nutrición acuícola continúa innovando

Nuevo proyecto busca desarrollar alimento para salmones en base a madera

Finnish alt-protein producer targets Norway's salmon feed sector

Trees-to-feed firm partners with university to develop salmon protein source

Local feed resources benefit piglets at weaning


New project to develop fish feed on local waste streams
(21.12.2020 Aquafeed)

In pursuit of sustainability
(21.11.2020 Aquaculture North America)

The Frontiers Of Food
(22.10.2020 Asian Scientific Magazine)

Sundere svin med lokaltproduceret foder
(13.08.2020 Landbrugsavisen (DK))

INTERVIEW: Why Grow Yeast on Tree Waste? To Address N. Europe's Protein Deficit


Lallemand Animal Nutrition joins Foods of Norway consortium
(31.10.2019 Feedstuffs)

Lallemand partners Norwegian research unit that develops sustainable feed ingredients

Feeding the future’s farmed salmon
(05.10.2019 ScienceNordic)

New method documents feed nutrient utilization
(08.08.2019 Feedstuffs)

Estudio noruego realiza mejora selectiva para aumentar el crecimiento con menos consumo de pienso

This is how scientists found salmon that needed less food to grow
(05.08.2019 Fish Information & Services)

Faux Fish Might Help Aquaculture Keep Feeding the World
(06.03.2019 Scientific American) 


Norway AgriTech: Punching Above its Weight
(24.10.2018 AgFunder News)

Can European pigs thrive on local feedstuffs like rapeseed meal and DDGS?
(22.03.2018 Feed Navigator)

"Novel feed resources from natural gas and non-food biomass will create a sustainable future"
(20.03.2018 Feed Navigator)

The future of salmon farming. Exploring solutions for a resource-dependent industry
(12.09.2018 TFT - The Forest Trust)


Algae and seaweed: Sustianable innovation
(12.9.2017 UiO: Life Science)


More Sustainable Fish Feeds

ICDB organizarà workshop sobre biorrefinerìa algal en conjunto con Foods of Norway
(November 2016 Instituto de Dinámica Celular y Biotecnologìa (ICDB), Universidad de Chile)

Investigadora ICDB realiza pasantía en Foods of Norway
October 2016 Instituto de Dinámica Celular y Biotecnologìa (ICDB), Universidad de Chile)

Forest to feed - Norway shining spotlight on yeast protein
(27.09.16 - Poultry)

Granar blir ersätter soya
(27.09.16 Skogsaktuellt) 

Agrifirm sluit aan bij Foods of Norway
(23.05.16 De Molenaar)

Developed genomic selection - honoured with prestigious award
(02.05.16 AlphaGalileo)

Emirats arabes unis. Lancement reussi du salon Viv MEA
(April 2016 La Revue de L'alimentFation animale)

Norge satsar norskt
(15.3.16 ATL Lantbrukets Affärstidning - Lantbruk)

Norskir laxar munu ete jolatre

Feeding the Future Salmon Industry with Trees.
(August 2015-edition, page 17-20 -TheFishSite)





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