The technology

First, Foods of Norway will use modern biorefining, enzyme technology and fermentation to produce high-quality single-cell proteins from wood as feedstock for use in feed for fish and livestock.

Wood consists of three main constituents: cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. In the biorefinery process, lignin will be separated out and used for high-value products, while cellulose and hemicellulose will be converted into sugars and used in the fermentation of certain yeast strains for the production of single-cell proteins.

Secondly, we aim to develop feed ingredients and high-value functional products based on macroalgae by using novel cultivation and harvesting technologies and new downstream processing methods. A major task will be to upgrade the nutrient value of the seaweeds by a biorefinery process so we make use of the entire biomass in the fermentation process for the production of yeast.

Thirdly, Foods of Norway will have a special focus on improving feed efficiency and robustness of fish and farm animals by combining important phenotypic traits, new biomarkers for feed utilization and advanced genomic analysis to support genetic adaptation to existing and novel feed resources. Improvements in feed efficiency allows the production of more food from the feed resource inputs, and will reduce feed costs and reduce impact on the environment.

Published 16. March 2015 - 15:16 - Updated 11. September 2015 - 13:50