The Story

Steam explosion.

The technology

Foods of Norway will use new technology to create novel feeds from land-based and marine resources as well as improve the genetic robustness of fish and farm animals.

Foods of Norway has a special focus on developing sustainable feed ingredients from renewable bioresources, such as birch, that are not suitable for direct human consumption.

The solution

Norway has limited land area for growing food and feed resources, but possesses large natural bioresources such as forests, grass, macroalgae, and co-products from fish, animals and plants that can provide a basis for the production of novel feed ingredients.

Soy beans.

The challenge

Today, the Norwegian fish farming and farm animal industries rely largely on imported plant ingredients, such as soy. But Norway can no longer continue to depend so heavily on imports, as there have been dramatic changes in world feed resources in recent years, with decreasing supply and higher prices.