Norway has challenging climatic conditions for growing feed crops and has limited arable land, but we are in a unique position with large amounts of renewable biological resources from forest. The key is developing the technology in order to convert the by-products into microbial ingredients, such as yeast. Yeast is a high-quality protein source for animal and fish feed.

Seaweed (macroalgae)

Norway, with its extensive coastline, is in a unique position with access to large amounts of renewable resources from the ocean such as seaweed. This biomass can be converted into high-quality feed ingredients through new biotechnology.


Grass silage is the main feed resource for dairy cows in Norway. The most cultivated grasses in Norway are timothy, meadow fescues and clover. Improving the nutritional value of grass can contribute significantly to better resource utilization, improved feed efficiency and lower feed costs.

Published 9. September 2015 - 14:10 - Updated 4. November 2021 - 11:35