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Possible master thesis

Foods of Norway look for master students interested in enzymology and fermentation

  • Seaweed.

Are you interested in discovering new enzymes and learn how to clone, purify and produce them in bioreactors? Why don't write your master thesis linked to the exciting and innovative research in Foods of Norway?


Possible master thesis

Foods of Norway researcher Kiira Vuoristo and PhD student David Lapeña Gomez work enzymology and fermentation. Could a master thesis be of interest?

Liv R. Bjergene
 We develop novel fish feed by integrating bioprocessing of non-food biomass and bioprocessing technologies to exploit woody biomass, such as spruce trees and cultivated brown macroalgae as sustainable supply of high-quality proteins feed resources.

Seaweed as protein resource

Pre-processing techniques such as enzymatic hydrolysis of macroalgae is required to release fermentable sugars. After enzymatic hydrolysis, special yeast strains are cultivated on the macroalgae hydrolysates to produce microbial protein feed resources such as yeast in bioreactors. The commercial importance of macroalgae has been increasing over the past decade, but only few commercial enzymes are available for macroalgae hydrolysis, and they are currently very expensive.

Screening and characteriztion of novel enzymes

The objective of this work is to screen and characterize novel enzymes for efficient hydrolysis of seaweed. This work may also be focused on screening of microbes, which can utilize the released sugars from seaweed and production of microbial protein soruces in fermenters. We offer:

  • MSc thesis position in a multidisciplinary group with modern facilities
  • Challenging projects, which gives you the possibility to learn many exciting techniques:
  • Cloning and expression of recombinant proteins
  • Protein purification
  • Screening and cultivation of microbes that can utilize sugars from alginate
  • Enzymatic activity measurements
  • Advanced analytics (HPLC, MS etc.)
  • Bioreactor experiments 

Contact person: Kiira Vuoristo,

Published 13. January 2016 - 14:56 - Updated 16. June 2017 - 12:25