People involved in Foods of Norway research

Foods of Norway aims to feed fish and farm animals using amazing new ingredients. To achieve this vision, many researchers, technical and administrative staff are involved.


AdministrationContact information

Øverland, Margareth
Centre Director, professor
phone: +4767232655

Field of responsibility:
Feed ingredient evaluation, nutrition and health, management. 

Steine, Gro
Centre Coordinator
phone: +4767232618

Field of responsibility:
Economics and sustainability

In charge of Foods of Norway’s research 
on economic and environmental 


Eriksen, Barbara
Administrative coordinator
phone: +47 67 23 26 08


Name and research area

Arntzen, Magnus

Analytics; characterization of biomass
and process fractions


Fundamental and applied enzymology;
bioprocessing; management

In charge of Foods of Norway’s research
on the development of novel feeds and
processing technology.

Egelandsdal, Bjørg

Product quality of meat


Muscle/meat biology, meat quality
and lipid nutrition.

Hansen, Jon Øvrum


Horn, Svein Jarle

Bioprocessing, applied enzymology,

Kashulin, Alexander

Gut microbiota analysis, metagenomics, 

Klemetsdal, Gunnar

Genetics; nutrition; feed efficiency

In charge of Foods of Norway’s research
on genomics and genetics of feed efficiency,
health and robustness.

Lagos, Leidy

Pig nutrition, health

Mydland, Liv Torunn

Process; feed ingredient evaluation, analytics

In charge of Foods of Norway’s research
on the impact of novel and improved feed
ingredients on nutritional value
and feed efficiency.

Olsen, Hanne Fjerdingby

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


Press, Charles

Veterinary pathophysiology, veterinary immunology

In charge of Foods of Norway’s research
on how novel feed ingredients affect
animal and fish health.

Reveco-Urzua, Felipe

Animal health, product quality

Sagaye, Alemayehu Kidane

Feed efficiency, ruminant nutrition and greenhouse gas emission.


Macroalgae ecology and food safety;
fish nutrition

Skeie, Siv

Product quality

In charge of Foods of Norway’s research
on food quality assessment.

Skugor, Adrijana

Transcriptome profiling

Sørby, Randi

Veterinary pathology

Sørum, Henning

Bacteriology, pre- probiotics, microbiota,
antibiotic resistance, fish diseases

Tauson, Anne Helene

Monogastric nutrition, physiology
and metabolism

Umu, Ôzgûn Candan Onarman   

Microbial ecology, gut microbiota,

Vhile, Stine Gregersen

Animal nutrition and health and physiology.


Biorefining, fermentation technology,


Biorefining facilities, bioprocesses,

Åkesson,Caroline P

Veterinary pathology

PhD studentsName and research area


Feed efficiency in fish

Girio da Costa Cruz,Ana Rita

Animal nutrition

Gomez,David Lapeña

Bioprocessing, enzymatic processes, 
analysis and testing of hydrolysates

Hellestveit, Selina


Animal health

Håkenåsen, Ingrid Marie

Novel protein sources for pigs

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