Meet our team

Meet our team

Get to know the many people who are involved in Foods of Norway, a Centre for Research-based Innovation. 

Brankica Djordjevic

Hooked on fish health (and a healthy planet)

She knows a great deal about salmon. Researcher Brankica Djordjevic tests and evaluates how the novel feed ingredients developed by Foods of Norway affect salmon`s health and growth performance.

Peng Lei studying cells from the fish gut in the lab at NMBU.

Studying cells to improve fish health

By analysing cells from fish used in Foods of Norway`s feed trials, Peng Lei aims to find out how novel feed ingredients are affecting fish health.

Milena Bjelanovic is an engineer planning as well as performing lab experiments for Foods of Norway

Milena the multitasker

Sometimes she`s wearing the white coat herself, and sometimes she`s planning the experiments of others. Engineer Milena Bjelanovic is involved in several of Foods of Norway`s work packages.

Leidy Lagos freezing down cell cultures

Animal diets, health and less pollution

How can we reduce the environmental impact of food production by developing new protein sources for farm animals? Thats the question that motivates Leidy Lagos, Foods of Norway researcher at NMBU's Faculty of Biosciences.