About us

This vision will be achieved by developing new, innovative biorefining techniques to convert natural bioresources into high-quality feed ingredients for fish and farm animals. The centre also aims to improve feed efficiency by innovative feed-processing technology and advanced genomic analysis to support genetic adaptation and identification of new selection criteria for fish and farm animals.


A Norwegian Centre for Research-based Innovation (CRI)

Foods of Norway is hosted by the Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. CRI status was awarded to Foods of Norway by the Research Council of Norway in November 2014 as one of 17 new centres under the third round of the CRI scheme. Foods of Norway officially opened on 1 September 2015 and will run for a period of 5+3 years after a mid-term evaluation. The centre is funded primarily by the Research Council of Norway and through contributions from a number of its industry partners.

The CRI scheme aims to establish or strengthen Norwegian research groups working in close alliances with innovative enterprises. The scheme promotes long-term research that fosters innovation and enhances industrial competitiveness. Its main objective is to enhance the capability of the business sector to innovate by focusing on long-term research based on forging close alliances between research-intensive enterprises and prominent research groups. The SFI scheme will:

  • Encourage enterprises to innovate by placing stronger emphasis on long-term research and by making it attractive for enterprises that work on the international arena to establish R&D activities in Norway.
  • Facilitate active alliances between innovative enterprises and prominent research groups.
  • Promote the development of industrially oriented research groups that are on the cutting edge of international research and are part of strong international networks.
  • Stimulate researcher training in fields of importance to the business community, and encourage the transfer of research-based knowledge and technology.

(Source: http://www.forskningsradet.no/prognett-sfi/About_the_SFI_scheme/1224067021174)

Organization and partners

Foods of Norway is a cross-disciplinary research centre involving graduate students, PhD students and research scientists at four departments at NMBU, both at campus Ås and campus Adamstua. The centre has an extensive network of partners from industry, research institutes and academia, both in Norway and abroad.

Foods of Norway is led by Professor Margareth Øverland. The centre’s administration is located at the Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.


General description of the research

The research and development in Foods of Norway is organized in six integrated research topics:

  • Development of novel feeds and processing technology
  • Impact of novel and improved feed ingredients on nutritional value and feed efficiency
  • Impact on fish and animal health
  • Food quality assessment
  • Genomics and genetics of feed efficiency, health and robustness
  • Economic and environmental sustainability
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